Human Male Body and Muscular System – Rigged Anatomy

Realistic, fully detailed, and textured Human Male Body and Muscular System – Rigged Anatomy 3D model.


Geometry: Subdivision
Polygons: 103.532
Vertices: 104.417
Textures: YES
Materials: YES (PBR)
UV Mapped: YES
Rigged: YES
Animated: NO


Realistic, detailed 3d model of a Rigged Human Male Body and Muscular System. This model has been created using real-world scale dimensions.

The provided IK and FK controllers enable both the creation of every pose imaginable and to animate every part of the model, separately or together. Advanced controllers for fingers and toes are also included to simplify the selection of these in complex poses or animations.

Every object and material has been properly named for easy of use. This model includes:

– RIGGED Integumentary System, comprised of skin and appendages
– RIGGED Muscular System including all major deep and external muscles

Note you are not acquiring two separated rigged models, but a single consolidated rigging system for the two anatomical subsystems listed above. This allows you to work with only one of the subsystems or both simultaneously, with no conflicts.

This product has been carefully crafted using the Subdivision Surface technique. The base control mesh is intact, so you can subdivide the geometry according to the specific needs of your project. The accurate details of this model work perfectly for extreme close-ups.

The high resolution texture maps are packed as a separate file to minimize download times of the base model.

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